How I Use a Doctor Notes to Get Out of Awkward Settings

I hate when I to go to certain events like weddings of people I hardly know or dinner dates with couples I can’t stand. However, I’m also one of those people who just doesn’t know how to tell people ‘no’, so I end up doing these things anyway. It’s awkward, time consuming, and puts me in a situation where I have to accept even more invites.

Using a Fake Doctors Note

So I came across a great template for a fake doctors notes for school to help me get out of things. People are less likely to bug you about your hurting back (whether it’s real or not) if you have a doctors note to back you up. I simply print the free template and I have the note I need to explain why I can’t attend my niece’s birthday party or other awkward and boring situations I don’t want to be in.

fake doctors note

No SchoolI love to create free fake doctors note (at to get out of school as well. Sometimes my instructors won’t let me turn in my homework late unless I can prove a true emergency. Well, an excuse from a doctor is all I need and I have a few more days to finish that essay that I forgot about over the weekend. If you want a free template / fake doctor note for an excuse for being sick, click here.  Another great site for bacterial vaginosis is Whenever I need to skip out on something, be it family or school,I  let my little note do the talking for me. It’s my guilt-free way of getting out of something I didn’t want to do to begin with, and nobody is the wiser. Use a fake doctor’s note as an excuse to leave work early.

What About Free Notes?

They Don’t Work!

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