Tips on Writing an Eulogy Speech

EulogySpeechWhen a loved one dies, many people experience grief and shock. It is important for individuals to compose a eulogy speech to honor the person that they have lost. This can be therapeutic and serve as a way to help others in the audience remember the life that the person led. Here are some tips on writing an eulogy speech.


Begin with Writing Down Short Thoughts and Feelings

Brainstorming is an important part of the eulogy creation process. It is beneficial to just write down every memory and trait of the person who has died. This helps when trying to craft sentences so that a common thread can be made during the speech.

Try to Include Humor in the Speech

Funerals can be very hard to sit through. Grief can be hard to deal with so it is a good idea to inject a few jokes or funny memories to try and lighten the mood at times. This can help people to remember the person in a much happier manner.

Do Not Overthink Things

People often get defeated when they try to write an eulogy speech.  They overthink. It seems difficult at first to write a speech and then read it aloud in a public forum. People need to just relax and start writing. The words come more easily when they are not forced out.

Talk to People Who Knew the Person

Eulogy speeches need to be as personal as possible. It can help to reach out to others that knew the person and ask them for their reflections and memories. These can be added into the body of the eulogy speech to make it more unique. This is a great way to write a fantastic eulogy speech.

Assemble the Speech with Help

Assembling the eulogy speech can take a few hours. People need to read each paragraph carefully and then decide in which order the paragraphs will be read in. This can help to make sure that the content flows correctly when it is read on the day of the funeral. It can take two or three drafts to finish the entire speech.

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